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The universal 8 SPOKE wheel. 9th house in centre of Mandala. Not in circumference. Point Centre of Complete field symmetry.


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Seal stuff. A Numerical Relic.

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Your own journey... maybe you can figure what this tampering could represent yourself.

Solfeggio [1 4 7, 2 5 8, 3 6 9] are the Solomon vector groups of the Lo Shu.

From the oldest magic square around... A Numerical Relic.

The Lo Shu Solomon seal.

Above you see space between seal vector numericals. The sums regarding magic are centre nx3x8=sum and grow by a +24 law. c5=120. 6=144. 7=168 etc. 24...n

The 8 spoke Axis is Broken as must have Yellow Green Purple and Blue vectors to remain Co-Axial like these examples below and in link page. [Lo Shu 1 through 9 REAL NUMBER]

Specific space between Seal vectors. Now the original mod9 axial pattern remains.

Seal remains intact again... see why?

The Seal vectors.

The maths speaks for itself.

Next would be 4 8 12 16 20 24 28 32 36 = Real number sum [40x4]+20=180 = 9x20

The linear number law is played with here as you can see via the solfeggio group vectors. With changes come new laws that resonate across all Three order magic squares.

Please consider what this represents yourself.

The Lo Shu is NOT a modern idea.


Best to study the above examples before looking at these axial field variants below.

You will see more now i hope regarding the seal relations of an Ancient 8 spoke wheel.


Into a Matrix and 8 spoke viewpoint.

Above demonstrates parity of 9, where below demonstrates parity of 10.

Nanu Nanu!

Use anything you choose, no restrictions.

Series C variants.

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Please check out Link page [Tri helical variants]

All [Axial] colour groups in series.

Six One way. [Black arrow shows direction of strings.]

Three One way.

Six One way.

All coherent multi colour Group series 1 to 9 variants done.

Any Single colour Group... in series.

Six Two ways.

Three One way.

Knowing all pairs = centre n*2 you can easily fill the missing numbers in yourself? then knowing of Goethe's theory of colour you could draw the hidden Tri-helix too.

Red/Cyan Green/Magenta Blue/Yellow.

Then maybe check for parity in the time domain on the various series... and stuff?

All coherent Single colour Group series 1 to 9 variants Done.

The Lo Shu an Ancient Magic square of order 3.

Pattern orientated Co-axial... Stator? Squirrel cage? Closed/Open coil? Roller?

Colour parity of All strings respects Goethe.


Use anything you choose... No restrictions.


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I will NOT be working with Paul Martyn Smith.

Simple rule 1 2 3 is proof itself  that 1+3 = centre number 2 doubled. Or simply...

"Equidistant numerical pairs either side of any central number in sum are equal to double that centre number, regardless how extended the linear number line is."

The Linear Law is intrinsic for ALL LINEAR NUMBER LINES not just when 9 is thought of as special to suit the viewpoint of vortex based math [vbm], and not just when 5 is thought of as 'special to fit Pauls Ho Tu viewpoint which is part of Pauls Historic I Ching topic.

So happily there are no mental gymnastics required and you would be better ignoring this first link altogether and read what Guass did when he was 10 years old with numbers 1 to 100, ergo add 1 to 100 Fifty times to get the value of first 100 numbers, kind of alpha + omega * pairs [easy stuff].

Please find and  read "Lo Shu 1 through 9 REAL NUMBER." in link page..

1234 5 6789

Four pairs of 10 + central 5 =45. Real number sum being the key point here.

Paul claims this public correction of his unchanged error is a blockage to sharing the maths... ?

I have tried to make sense of that statement though cannot... Blockage?

In my opinion [call me romantic] wrong is useless! why drag others through our mistakes. 

Paul's I Ching math work is Good, his  Navagraha-Yantra work is... Bad as demonstrated.

Yin Yang.

Paul should have started

"Completely Ignoring the RARE fortune of Real numbers  hiding behind the ambiguity of the mod 9 series!, can the Navagraha's values in its 3x3 give correct of....."

But he ignored the Real numbers in starting like this.

"The question is can the Navagraha’s values in its 3 x 3 to give a correct flow of sequencesin each of the Solfeggio Counts, and could it start off with the central 5 = 1234 5 6789 tomake all in the 9 x 9 square opposites = 10s, as to totally mirror the Lo Shu. The answer to the question is yes! The Navagraha-Yantra can be re-arranged to give central 5 and 10s,and it still reveals all the Contracted Integer Runs given in the Contracted Integer Paper:"

The truthful answer is actually... no!, therefore Pauls link is not recommended.

Mod 9 centre n series of either 5 1 6 2 7 3 8 4 9 or 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 or 2 4 6 8 1 3 5 7 9 would not be the honest translation of the strict  Navagraha-Yantra Real numbers we have in the picture below.

The actual series or rather [9 stack mountain] of magic squares in this instance is strictly.

[05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13]

- 4321 n 1234 +

As you can see the flawed example is unlawful. It Must be 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

This investigation must remain strict!. If you do actually have the very RARE Great fortune of Real number values as we do with the Navagraha-Yantra [illustrated below] then you do not change this wonderful advantage by trotting off down the mod 9 Yellow brick road as this only manipulates the true story as demonstrated in Paul's mistake. A mistake he is aware of though refuses to change. Absolutely useless.

The Navagraha-Yantra numerical arrangement is the same as Lo Shu [c5 to c13] [Yellow group here] is also exhibiting Real numbers as does the Lo Shu c5.

Real numbers as opposed to the many ambiguous mod 9 reductions that can represent many scales of values, ergo many different quantities in sum.

The flying stars are also the same as the Yellow group. I called it the Yellow group in respect of the Yellow River.

Paul could have simply stated that, so the reader could then check the Ancient Yellow group. Then learn the new groups i discovered that are inseperable = coaxial/nested.

Stated many times, FACT.

"The Lo Shu centre 5 is the only 3 Order that displays mod 9 and Real numbers as the same image. Every other 3 Order magic square is mod 9 or Real number and never both."

.... ....

9 stack. 40 pairs one centre.

Therefore simply If centre number cn=1

  cn1*2 *40 +cn1 = 81

so 40 pairs of 2 + centre 1 = 81.

or an on topic..

Centre Real number =9


729. A foundation stone.

Real central numbers 1 through 17. Each row Nine more in value than the last  from bottom up perspective, due to each digit rising by 1 or rather

1111 1 1111

All represented below in nine magic squares [yellow group] in our research, same as Lo Shu original is below called Lord Sun.

The centre 9 is centre of this Real number 9 stack mountain.

As Above so Below... is not that what balance is all about! 

Each row represents the 3 order numbers linearly arranged.

09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16

07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15

06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14

05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13

04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12

03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11

02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10

01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09

 All Pairs of stack =18. [18*40+centre9]

Individual order 3s give [cn*2 *4 +cn=cn*9]

9 stack series [cn09*2*40+cn=729]

Or 8 options [Searl] [8  lines of equal value] in every order 3 gives [cn*24]

  Do not know the artist so thanks if its yours! 


Linear numbers express intrinsic linear number laws. Real number Real space.

Real number Denser space.

Example of mod 9 series in this Yellow group.

Proved many times in many ways all numbers display the same [p=cn*2] linear law with nothing novel in the field [the one reason everything magic square orientated works] i have no 'best number' and favor no bias due to seeing no bias. 8 spoke wheel is +8s.

Examples of why no bias.

432 has 216 pairs, alpha + omega * pairs is 1+432=433 *216 pairs = sum [all evens]

433 has 216 pairs 217 is central number so 217*2 *216 pairs +central 217 = sum [all odds]

That is very easy to practice and ponder. Universal laws mean just that... 'universal' so if you keep anything from this, let it be that if you have the Great fortune of Real number values, keep them, respect them, consider them and use them as they are as mod 9 is after the facts not before.

Paul Martyn-Smith Author of Sum of Things, mentored me into understanding his Ho Tu and I Ching Hexagram value connection. Please check out the i ching video on youtube as still valid when you understand the deeper family values and fifth element to searl magic square connections.

I discovered the magic square coaxial matrix fields and string series and you can all have them freely without mention. Please do with them what you feel is worthwhile. Build a flying ship!

9 stacks of Greater density potentials in same area relative to central number.

Pair. [P Pair sum]

Real Number. [+81]

Cn1 P02 * 40 +cn1= 081

Cn2 P04 * 40 +cn2= 162

Cn3 P06 * 40 +cn3= 243

Cn4 P08 * 40 +cn4= 324

Cn5 P10 * 40 +cn5= 405

Cn6 P12 * 40 +cn6= 486

Cn7 P14 * 40 +cn7= 567

Cn8 P16 * 40 +cn8= 648

Cn9 P18 * 40 +cn9= 729

The foundation stone...? ask a Mason! ;)

Please use anything you choose. No restrictions.



Cant stop, Wont stop!


lo shu ONLY

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Any 3 order + if not arranged in line with lo shu c5 is not representing mod 9 and Real number.

lo shu is the only Novel 3 order that represents mod 9 and Real number as the same image.

in links my old blog is open but all misatkes are left in for proofs of discoveries as they happend.



Please forget all my arrangements not directly from lo shu series as i see them as arbitrary now.

Coil A Quadrature. Coil B Yin Yang.

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A new video very soon with two new coils.


Oxygen a researcher from Youtube has already started testing [Coil A] with great results @12000rpm edit @37600 rpm thrice the former misprint] still very early days. Great work Igor!... i would like to point who are interested in building in Igors direction so huge thanks and respect to 'Oxygen' and all the best in his experiments and idea's. Not even fine tuned the firing yet. All to come though my interest is series c and not so much topology.

The counting of nodes without a need for mathematical gymnastics. No maths needed apart from 8*9 =

Maths eh! A put off if ever there was one.


My great interest is the Ancient Well The original pattern.

What i found blew me away. Like ronseal quick drying wood paint... 'It does exactly what it says on the tin!' ;) so no need to understand the maths just ponder how 64 is 8 less than 72 and think how many turns for full precession.

[Coil A] has six wires in. [Coil B] has twelve wires in. Every torus topology can be regarded helical. We bend a cylinder remember.


Each spiral/wind/HELICAL has REAL CELL SPACE of 72 meaning equal intervals so an 8 cell precession as 72-64=8. 8*9=72 so A GREAT relative Year. Linear rejects bias spark gap which only appear in a rotory relation/gaps obviously if tested in such a way.

The topology is UNIVERSAL though for now os representing that of the Yellow group and uses magic square with centre numbers 3 6 and 9. Identical periodic mod 9 topology is always used. What is the 9*9*9 foundation layers = 729 /9 is also the torus skin tile boundary.


Shouldn't take long to put a slideshow up!  done.


I plan to dedicate and edit this 'Blog' page. This time instead of staying on the train! ie not explaining what i nievely considered to be out in plain sight already ill explain what we have here as best i can. A problem i realized i have is thinking people can see what i see myself, though now i realize it took me a long time to follow the more intricate aspects as so many new features pop out again and again, so in short as not a fan of writing due to bad schooling/conditioning my aim is to try my limited best and endeavor to share easy facts as easy terms in English. In my opinion if you can watch a film and understand it then you should understand this very simple order.

Charts illustrations and links added later.

Big thanks to Oxygen for his interests ideas and works this slideshow is to help see the 72 equal intervals/nodes in the spires so work can be mathematically quantised in a measured easy way.




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Illustrating three 3D group lattice field [seperated by time only- ask me.] of up+1, down-1. Notice all magic square centres are balanced by all numbers around being differential pairs through centre number [binary]. Discreet Pairs = double central number in [central Palace]. this is 3d, the field that goes on the Roll Torus lattice and everything else unchanged unbroken,. I CHING only. Final sumx1.5 for centre value included in doing this you turn a differential binary pair into the complete trine value. 10 + 5 =15. 100 +50 = 150. Pathways in EVERY direction.

3D FIELDS I Ching pairs, not limited to 1 8, 2 7, 3 6, 4 5 etc theres much more. North is towards you south behind the screen. Regarding the individual columns below within this chart is the 3x3 y-map axis[up down].

All represent the 9 stack mountains ne/sw solfeggio inception. NE/SW ONLY!.

I Ching Wisdom.

Without having to know the 3d fields, please test adding square to square FOR TRANSITION AND RECEPTION [inner group and across] meaning yellow + yellow - green etc, every layer/brane can be worked out in mind when this transition is understood. Every brane is a mirror plane. AS ABOVE SO BELOW, though with binary pairings rather than identical numbers. 1 5 9 where 1 and 9 are differential binary pairs 1 above 9 below. Easy stuff.

GOOD TOOL THIS BASIC CHART Yellow Green LBlue = Greater now we have an inner 3D enviroment complete. All numbers balanced and paired then VALUES OF I CHING MATH throughout passage- all Torus number.

Bigger in link.' http://i402.photobucket.com/albums/pp106/Lee-Burton/3d%20axis%20fields/9%20stacks/all124etclongchartveryclear.jpg The true weave x2 directional caduseus- 3d inner fields weave, coming next- Its mind blowing stuff. Please scroll down page for pics etc.


''A lot of people seem to have no idea how much their own conduct counts in their own lives and relationships - still as the I Ching says it's all down to learning the law of cause and effect and doing right in one's own life, and that's all we can do to be clear of blame. This ancient book of law is of greatest benefit not only the math but also in it's explanation of the creative process. So it would be good if they can give honour and reverence to something so worthy.'' [Pmac]

SOMETHING NOT SOMEONE BEING 'THE KEY POINT'. Do to other what you do to yourself to grow from flatland to wonderland!- this is how the temple grows.

You are the centre of the Mandala-




Author Paul Martyn-smiths blog page

Pen and paper ready? try chart 1s mosaic 396 map.

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''The matter is a question of reflective opposites that are also reversals of each other, and all these are set out in the Directions of the River Maps that become the values of expansion and contraction as forms arise into physical form and pass away again - this is called change. This is an inherent structure that exists within all integers and is the way they find a union with the binary count and its reversal of expansion and contraction - coming in and going out of this Octave. I feel that all ramifications of these math should be fully open to be investigate as one wishes, as in the way all things come together into the One and All - this is the way of science in whichever form it might take. I therefore would include meditation practice and the taking of certain substances in this conceptual term for it's all part of the investigation we should be undertaking without taboo, as the guide of clear observation through the underworld allows one to emerge again free of all fears to openly discuss our findings without judgment and ownership. I will no say more to push the point now upon those who seek to also investigate all the ramifications in their own way. As they must be free to do so in their own way, and in their own interest of what this math contains. This takes us to a path of an equal balance within all things, of an equality between all things that we have seen as divided or broken into pieces - as All are again are joined back together. It is a path we can take because we have each found the wisdom to do so''

A perfect explanation offered by Author Paul Martyn-smith. Just one of many gem's borrowed from a post on Graham Hancocks public forum. Wisdom much appreciated.

Paul's link to the I Ching math site found in links page- A must.


To work:

Below in the picture there are only 3 magic squares arranged in the 396 group. Three instances of the same three squares. Yellow as in video shows this mosaic is from chart 1 of the three magic square charts.

VERY IMPORTANT to get how easy this is please try this step by step below the picture of


Note, as there are three magic square charts of 9 magic squares each chart- therefore 27 in all that unify. Each of the 3 unique fields created from mosaics like the one demonstrated below unifies all 27 magic squares within its unique field order.

We always regard the mosaic maps as lateral- therefore to this map of chart 1 [yellow] we have two options of growth [+1 to every digit in the mosaic lateral map unifies all 27 magic square] or [x2 to every digit as in octave field video], provides the perpendicular expansion.

So please take your time to realise this fundemental rule Basic instructions to get the map on paper in front of you. It helps.

To help, look again at the picture above- or rather the one you yourself may write down- and follow the vectors from bottom right to top left to see all numbers are in 'mod 9 x table progressions of discreet symmetrical numberlines also- Then on to build the perpendicular Field of this arrangement.

Doing it will make you see how perfefect it all connects if you dont see it already! Good tool.

This yellow arrangement above is termed here the Binary Trine mosaic' in this case the trine is the 396 group. Yellow always signifies chart 1 of the magic squares. Therefore this demonstration is not to go into detail, rather to remain as simple instructions on how to build the above lateral map.

What is a lateral map Please look at Faqs of trilateral well page in menu.

1. Piece of paper and pen.

2 The paper needs space for 9 tiles big enough to write a 3x3 magic square in each tile..

3. Copy the central 3x3 magic square from the picture map above. This is the .nested vortice. from magic square chart 1

4. To find the 6 centre magic square of the trine mosaic subtract 3 from every digit of the centre well.

5. To find the 3 centre magic square of the trine mosaic add 3 to every digit of the centre well.

6. This group the 3, 6, and 9 magic squares should look like this below- notice the highlights 51627384.  3 centre magic square above and 6 centre magic square below connect the numberline. Now please find the diagonals, you have all the three maps now. 5678 n 1234 and 6396 n 3693.

7. Observe what you have.

8 Hold orientation, north,remains north etc. The mosaic is now complete for inspection and review.

9. This is chart 1s ''event horizon'' the mirror centre of Binary balance.

10. Now do they same for the other two unique 9 centre magic squares or if you prefer nested vortices' from Green chart 2 and Blue 3.

11. Please watch the videos in a new light. but first look at this stripped back axis below, as its all the same as the chart above... We know this as the central 3x3 id yellow please read it. Above all notice the colours to see chart 2 and chart3s nested appearance on the axis clearly.

.edit [this below is what a vbm 8spoke would look like, vbm is not magic orientation, go vbm page as this is an example of what is not possible with vbm viewpoint.

This is a messed up rodin example, the axis works thugh field of numbers do not fit. bad.


Now a brief look at the torus.

The three torus nest though do not have the outer limbs as clear in the mosaic trine 396 axis above. Torus =  vortice wells or 9 centre magic square only with no extended limbs as with the lattice mosaics above.

The Binary Trine 396 field only grows the 3d lattice fields with including the 3 and 6 magic squares and there is no other way for lateral expression than using the magic squares.

Now below we have had to rotate to look at a tile of a unified torus [sorry best i could do]

Though clear is the perpendicular cycles of the 3 ancient wells only [nested vortices]

The 3x3x3 well is the smallest packet of vortice unity. Yellow Green Blue = greater octave. etc.

Obviously you are looking at the depth of the stacked ancient wells only. Imagine a torus 3 layers thick. THE 3X3X3 would represent 1 tile 3 layers deep. Therefore All three vbm type Torus are unidied in these pictures below.

I always feel a different angle helps this sink in. A look at the spine only to realise although this is chart 1s mosaic, chart 2 and 3 are included as the?Binary axis intself.

True DIMENSIONAL Binary Trine 396 expression.

From old blog below- all the same though concentrics also added for the variations review. Again Yellow chart 1 contains lo shu and well, Green chart 2 contains Rodins / well, Light blue contains chart 3 well... Please also read verticaly 124875 all numbers give a different look at the octave relation of all vortice wells. Very clear.


''nested vortice'/ 9 or 0 centre magic squares. Call them what you like. They nest though do not forget these are bad arrangements. the axis works but field does not, only lo shu axis and field are non chaotic. Very important difference this is early work before i knew any better.

Flat look at the self simular lateral expression tiling. The three unifying Ancient vorticity Wells are always concentrically related and repeated ad infinnitum


Below, trilateral chart 1 expression always ads extra axis wells. Birds eye view.

Yellow Green Blue = Greater

Yellow Blue Green = Lesser



Magic square brief:

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Update: Picture compilation of latest.

Lo Shu 5
  The Ho Tu yellow river map, produces the Lo shu 5 via the images of the I Ching

This process of the Ho Tu Pair values to hexagrams by guidance of the Ancient book preceeds the Magic square, as the values found provide - the Written document = the LoShu 5. The 3x3 order also known as the Magic square of Time/Saturn/Chronus. Shoot off ahead if already aware of these magic squares, to Author of Sum of things. Paul Martyn-Smiths I Ching math site. ... or my blog - or watch video's.

Lo Shu 5

4 9 2
7 5 3
8 1 6

'To measure the Heavens and diversities of Earth'

No His-story lessons as a major rule. The aim on this free [limited mb] site, is to get to what we have found, with brief pointers throughout the process! As with the Waters Clear, All can gather in safety to drink from the Ancient Well. The blog will still be a part of this and linked along 'The Way'.

To Work!, With a couple of very basic laws. One aspect of the Magic in the above 3x3, is that the columns rows and diagonals, all sum to 15.Whats important is 'Outers pair' = 10 + central 5 = 15... Keeping this in mind, looking at the 258 diagonal - we move to a fundimental Axiom regarding  - All Magic Squares.The value of column rows and diagonals are instantly signified by the Binary Trine, inherent in all individual Magic squares. The alleged 'Solfeggio'  here, are simply called Binary Trines. The Trines change +1 or -1 to every digit to complete an ever repeating progression... -147 258 369 471 582.693 714 825 936 - Look in this link below, to see these Binary Trine diagonals, in the Magic square chart containing the lo shu 5.

'The measuring worm contracts before it expands' Lao Tse

1 of 3 Magic square chart's housing Lo Shu 5 and family

Venture deeper: Please, look again at the chart above, only this time, examine all numbers in each vertically related square to notice the +1 -1 relation above and below. -This is the +1 - 1 Axiom.

We instantly recognise the sums of - columns rows and diagonals, of all individual squares, via their Binary Trine:

 Again, 147=3 258=6 369=9

A glimpse forward at various pairings - same squares as above chart

 The chart above shows all spatial digits compliment centre - Example 6 + 4 = 10 = 1 all numbers compliment centre. All magic squares follow 'the law'- this remains true to the 9x9x9 lattice, then on throughout  the entire Cosmos. All squares contain variants of the Binary Trines, therefore all columns rows and diagonals sum:-

147 = 3 258 = 6 369 = 9

36 squares from 4 chart's of 9  3x3 order field maps unique CUBIC spatial orientations unify in a concentric progressing relation- This provides The self replicating - Binary Twin radiating progressive Field Matrix Lattice continuum of discreet integer reflections. Our instructions are those of the Ancient Well.  Perfect Balance of Binary Twins and Trines.

What's a Binary Twin? The number symmetry is in the Hexagrams Originaly.

Men designed numbers, Tao light and dark hence the images.





link to proofs: Half equal and opposite axiom.

Binary Mirrors All add to 9 in there infinite integer progressions in the pairings of the Ancient Well. The Well has an empty centre. So look past the central 9s on all charts...

Centre is <0>

The 3  Ancient wells all produce unique ratchet relation vorticiity - that entwine into a perpendicular order which complimenting the doubling progressions reads- 124875124875124875 with the 3 6 3 6 oscilation as seperation.1 2 4 8 16 32 64. Octave.These Two new [re-discovered vortices,] nest together with ABHA as one of these three parts, to provide the ultimate Ba-Gua of Binary Twin  cyclic perpendicular perfection = 9 stack mountain, shambhala, 8 spoke wheel - the list goes on and on... go to I Ching Math. Modern terms if it helps, would regard this disreet order as a mod9/base10 axis. Its much more than that for sure! To Quote Bill Geade lightly: 'You stupid relativitists!'
A peek at All three 3x3x3 lattice cores, 13 Binary Twins Function as - The Initial Binary Twin Signatures- The signatures instantly signify all number advancing into the outer domain. Perfect radiating Binary Twin integer progressions ad infinitus -  Other orientations, description, et al... coming very soon - plenty to chew on below. A1,2,3 = The Three Wells [i orientated to marko rodins erronous way not the HISTORICAL WAY. THe rodin orientation is non continuity itself when taken any deeper than this limit you see below- Meaning its not true 3d and diestructive] still we will continue with this flawed orientation as an aid to show how not to do it its good for flatland only so useless in the real 9 stack mountain works here.

Initial binary signatures = all numbers apart from 0 centre-  9 if your a Rodin mather! this is your limits-

''A journey of a thousand miles begins with - the first step''
Lao Tse

[edit] So use the correct orientation and forget the above quick! Easy as abc.next: activation discovery from 123 field Ba Gua Oct to Hex. The Key. The cube Lattice continuum field.  The Field
 I Ching - ho tu pair values - proofs! The Tao Toe



.old blog.


 thanks to Author,

Paul Martyn -smith, looking forward to working on together.

Every-thing as it should be.

These nested cubes manifest a hexapyramid core... coming soon with numbers.

Go to FAQ in link for now. It'll 'Grow'