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The universal 8 SPOKE wheel. 9th house in centre of Mandala. Not in circumference. Point Centre of Complete field symmetry.

The Fib pattern of magic squares. 24 spoke fib identity series.


9 STACK MOUNTAIN OF SHAMBHALA sounds cool though there are many fitting names for the mod 9 matrix and series orders. So specifics.

There are only 36 different Three order maps in mod 9 arrangements.

9 Three orders in each of the Four colour coded groups.

Mod 9 [centre 9] The Ancient 'Revolution' well arrangements that each have the mod 9 run of 1 2 4 8 7 5 > in the rotary/radial/valance pattern of 3 order magic squares.

Example: Mod 9 revolution well. Yellow group.

8 4 6

7 9 2

3 5 1


Magic squares of Three order have 8 radial houses.

First the basic mod 9 line. You can discover the Three Revolution well patterns this easy way.

n =The sum of the numbers either side as demonstrated.

1 n 2 n 4 n 8 n 7 n 5 n

1 3 2 6 4 3 8 6 7 3 5 6 

I found these patterns first in the coaxial as valance groups demonstrated below.

[mod 9]

Y 512[6]487[3]

G 124[3]875[6]

P 636[9]363[9]

B 248[6]751[3] 

Tiled Mod 9 above. See them in the co-axial. Start in Yellow core ccw.

Y 512[6]487[3] for easy identity see the [6s] and [3s] in each axial valance group are sums of the Two closest numbers of the grids. Two same colour  instances in each axial group are identical with a simple 180 radial revolution. The sole reason i coloured the 'coaxial' tiles as you see here.

1st 8th, 2nd 7th, 3rd 6th, 4th 5th. Is the axial Groups colour key.

If you add 1 Nine times, all 36 Magic squares would be present... 9 stack mountain.

See Yellow [+1] 567891234 marks the sigil of Saturn and [+8] 432198765

Green +2 135792468 and +7 864297531 and Purple and Blue. Sigil identifies linear numbers in use. So Trivia: 50th valance would be up in 50s when the primary Yellow centre is used Which is the original lo shu group. What colour? Blue.

64th up in 64s and Yellow as 64=1. 21st? Purple all mapped in mod 9 land. When Real numbers are used Only then are they genuine magic squares... This mod 9 pattern recognition is simple.

Purple shows centres of more magic squares.

Q. Are the same orders as above found in the mod 9 Fibonacci..?

Yes though first look at the same Well patterns in a magic square series to get the idea of where this page is going. Ergo we have multiple templates in series just like the mod 9 Magic squares though instead of our 8 radial positions we use 24.

[Series C] ccw Yellow 966933... Group.

String sequences R1 G1 B1 only. [120 Global seperation]

Above pic shows Yellow wells in Four cardinal positions. The purple stations are c6, the Orange c3 all from Yellow group- [coloured differently for quick recognition only]. Each ball in a CCW Global direction would revolve Twice around the snake before going again therefore 720 degrees due to this arrangement being Two cycles of Six stations 1 2 4 8 7 5 [THIS WOULD BE A CO-AXIAL ARRANGEMENT]


Fib Axial groups?

Stepping away from History to a natural order. Applying what is learned from the Lo Shu magic square groups to mod 9 fibs. What comes next while not Historical is simple and interesting.

9 Rows in chart below represents 9 concentric Rings.

Columns 24 spoke [12 directions] of a wheel.

There are 9 cardinal Nodes on each column/spoke.

216 numbers Ordered into mod 9 Groups according to the Well patterns from central circle which is represented by top row.

See below the line through shows the sums already demonstrated, you have Two Well patterns in each ring. The other Two Purple spokes do not assign the well pattern as the strict sums do not work. This gave the identity required for our Groups. [Not important- but how it was done].

Fib ratio into groups of magic squares?... what? 

Yes completely identical!.. Illustrated below ordered in group colour by the first row. The purple vertical rectangles in this Gif give this the loshu magic square colour identity as shown previously regarding the Three centre 9 well patterns.

[Purple 3, 6s and 9s as sums match this way only]

Top Row/ring has Yellow and Green well's assigned by purple [sum of pairs test it.]

 Again, [mod 9]

Y 512[6]487[3]

G 124[3]875[6]

P 636[9]363[9]

B 248[6]751[3]

The Lo Shu/Ancient well. Yellow Green Purple Groups are identified in the top row, Blue group you see is on the second row with Green, so all Four axial colour groups are here with no extra parts and no possible others.

Five groups. Orange explained elswhere to stay on topic [Found in the 9 stack hex axis at 54.736].

Look at the wheel and the 8 spokes in each of the matrix maps below with same numbers in extended flatland axis.

[On the Right are magic squares in 8 spoke wheel examples]

Interestingly we can play with the fibonacci template wheel when we treat it as our magic square template arranging them in the various series explained in Link page: [Link: Tri Helical page]

Together in Flatland sympathy.

 Flatland as above Yellow [Black], Green [Red] sorry old giffs.









Above coaxial relations. coaxial is a disc layer in flat land highlighting another topic... for another time.


Series Not flatland! 124875 and groups.

Everything you need is badly drawn in above [do it yourself] draft guide. Good luck. There are as many options as the series C coils in mod 9. All the magic squares are in the compilation below.

9 stacks Mountains.

Zoom in: Old blog me-we fib page 

Please if equipped build the various series C or D Tri helical types, single colour group and Multi colour group series c types.

So any/all single colour group centre series. 1 2 4 8 7 5 and 3 9 6 6 9 3

Multi colour group centre series. Yellow lorry, Geen lorry, Blue lorry.

y9 g9 b9 y9 g9 b9 or y5 g1 b2 y4 g8 b7 or y3 g6 b3 y6 g3 b6

Link page: Tri helical rules apply. Link gives colour to all colourless strings.




Use anything you choose... No restrictions.