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The universal 8 SPOKE wheel. 9th house in centre of Mandala. Not in circumference. Point Centre of Complete field symmetry.


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Series C variants.

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Outer numbers give series order. Please check out Link page [Tri helical variants]

All [Axial] colour groups in series.

Six One way. Black arrow shows direction of strings.

Three One way.

Six One way.

All coherent multi colour Group series 1 to 9 variants done.

Any Single colour Group... in series.

Six Two ways.

Three One way.

Knowing all pairs = centre n*2 you can easily fill the missing numbers in yourself.

All coherent Single colour Group series 1 to 9 variants Done.

The Lo Shu an Ancient Magic square of order 3. Pattern orientated Co-axial.

Colour parity of All strings respects Goethe.


Use anything you choose... No restrictions.

lo shu ONLY

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Any 3 order + if not arranged in line with lo shu c5 is not representing mod 9 and Real number.

lo shu is the only Novel 3 order that represents mod 9 and Real number as the same image.

in links my old blog is open but all misatkes are left in for proofs of discoveries as they happend.



Please forget all my arrangements not directly from lo shu series as i see them as arbitrary now.

Coil A Quadrature. Coil B Yin Yang.

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A new video very soon with two new coils.


Oxygen a researcher from Youtube has already started testing [Coil A] with great results @12000rpm edit @37600 rpm [Thrice the former misprint]. Great work Igor!... i would like to point who are interested in building in Igors direction so huge thanks and respect to 'Oxygen' and all the best in his experiments and idea's. Not even fine tuned the firing yet. All to come though my interest is series c [tubes] and not so much topology.


My great interest is the Ancient Well The original pattern.

[Coil A] has six wires in. [Coil B] has twelve wires in. Every torus topology can be regarded helical. We bend a cylinder remember.

The topology is UNIVERSAL though for now is representing that of the Yellow group and uses magic squares with centre numbers 3 6 and 9. Identical periodic mod 9 topology is always used. What is the 9*9*9 foundation layers = 729 /9 is also the torus skin tile boundary.


Shouldn't take long to put a slideshow up!  done.

Big thanks to Oxygen for his interests ideas and works this slideshow is to help see the 72 equal intervals/nodes in the spires so work can be measured.



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Illustrating Three field layers of up+1, down-1. Notice all magic square centres are balanced by all numbers [binary pairs]. Discreet Pairs = Double central number, whatever that number may be.

Pairs. Not limited to centre 9. 1 8, 2 7, 3 6, 4 5. 3x3 y-map axis[up down].

All represent the 9 stack mountains ne/sw solfeggio inception[just a name]. NE/SW ONLY!.

I Ching Wisdom.

Every layer above and below is a mirror plane. AS ABOVE SO BELOW a central plane.

Layers 4 5 6 where 4 below and 6 above have the same numerical distance/relation with centre number. As do 3 7, 2 8, 1 9 when 5 is central.

GOOD TOOL THIS BASIC CHART Yellow Green LBlue = Greater now we have an inner 3D enviroment complete. 728 pairs [centre n*2] around 1 central number. All numbers balanced.

Bigger in link.' http://i402.photobucket.com/albums/pp106/Lee-Burton/3d%20axis%20fields/9%20stacks/all124etclongchartveryclear.jpg.


''A lot of people seem to have no idea how much their own conduct counts in their own lives and relationships - still as the I Ching says it's all down to learning the law of cause and effect and doing right in one's own life, and that's all we can do to be clear of blame. This ancient book of law is of greatest benefit not only the math but also in it's explanation of the creative process. So it would be good if they can give honour and reverence to something so worthy.'' [Pmac]


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