Tao. - loshumatrix -

The universal 8 SPOKE wheel. 9th house in centre of Mandala. Not in circumference. Point Centre of Complete field symmetry.

'Fifth Element' to Searl and stuff.

Paul Martyn Smiths I Ching math 'Fifth Element' hexagram values Transformed by lburton into Searl Magic squares. 8 order is called The Magic square of Mercury.

Switch the coloured boxes to opposing. Easy stuff. Order out of chaos.

How do we get the Fifth element? and what is the Fifth element anyway?

Find out. Walk the walk.

Again i work with magic squares in series my rediscovery. Any I Ching questions although i may be able to answer a few, please to be respectful ask Paul Martyn Smith as Pauls rediscovery where he is the expert.

Ho tu.

 If you get it. Try the different values in the same images.

Thank you.


Cant stop! Wont Stop!