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The universal 8 SPOKE wheel. 9th house in centre of Mandala. Not in circumference. Point Centre of Complete field symmetry.

Caduceus Dual Tri Helix series. A cosmic serpent?


[In progress]



Lo shu family Magic squares in specific series.

Non Linear variants.

Example: Yellow coaxial [Yellow due to centre colour]  series [c] c3 c9 c6 c6 c9 c3

 RGB paths highlighted the anti RGB are not.

In colour series Yellow, Green, Purple or Blue separated or in true co-axial form.

c1 c2 c4 c8 c7 c5

c3 c9 c6 c6 c9 c3.


All colour series [including Purple].

c9 c9 c9 c9 c9 c9

c1 c2 c4 c8 c7 c5

c3 c6 c3 c6 c3 c6

That's it... you can do the fib 24 rings the same...  [fib page].

Extended Hex axis nodal numbers in +3 or+6 versions of 9 stack mountains.

9 stack mountains are linear numbers. The 1 8 spoke is shared [in image below] the Orange plane opposes the white at 2* 54.736 without going into the details, it too layers in series.

The little circles are around what would be magic square centres in a cubic field. In other words all Purple numbers which in this case are 3 6 9 centres.

Coil c. Single colour c9c6c6c9c3c3 this is a temporal sympathetic criss cross.

[Link page Tri Helical series string colour guide.]

Example: single colour group Yellow c1 c2 c4 c8 c7 c5

Ancient 8 spoke patterns.. in series c5 c1 c2 c4 c8 c7

Do not take any notice of the real numbers in this chart below just the mod 9 is usefull. Six layers of spokes. Old chart showing zig zags.

 As always please consider what this Numerical artifact is for yourself.

It was a chaotic puzzle.